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Implementing Smart IT initiatives help state and local government agencies save money, improve efficiency and productivity while providing security for access, applications and services. IT teams in the public sector are often forced to balance between financial responsibility and delivering all the services the public needs. To accomplish their goals, government agencies need powerful and cost-effective IT solutions, with the flexibility to scale, manage and secure their environments as efficiently as needed.

Smart city plans are exploring the ability to provide safe and secure mobile access to government services. This involves processing huge masses of data coming from devices such as video cameras, parking sensors, utility monitors while helping local governments achieve their goals of increased public safety, improved environment, better quality of life. 

STEPCG helps our state and local government customers innovate through automation of manual processes, consolidation of systems, optimization of applications, and collaboration through communications solutions tailored for their needs.

STEPCG Government Solutions Focus: test

  • Open, scalable and secure network infrastructure that reduces costs and brings agility for rapid deployment of new services
  • Integration with existing technologies and networks and applications
  • Collaboration tools that help government personnel and agencies reach across sectors and boundaries to deliver coordinated and collaborative response
  • Security, firewalls, intrusion detection and virus scanning across your network
  • Complete cabling and wiring solutions that range from copper based, to the latest in fiber solutions
  • Professional services that maximize your network investment, so you can devote your time and energy to your core mission

Latest News

Fayette Urban County Government along with Aldona Valicenti (CIO), featured in this Toggle article, are a great example of how STEPCG assists companies and government institutions with holistic Cyber Security strategies including Palo Alto Firewalls, 4G/LTE Cradlepoint Routers, and SPB for geo redundancy and ISP diversity. Read More


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