IT Services for Logistics, Retail, Restaurants and Hospitality

You Set the Pace. Our IT Support Keeps Up.


Fast Solutions for Fast-Paced Industries

Logistics, retail, restaurants, hospitality – what do these industries all have in common? They all move at the speed of light, and they need a technology infrastructure that can keep up. Running a fast-paced business and managing the state of your technology isn’t always possible, and that’s where the STEP CG team comes in.

We value hard work and understand the dedication it takes for your team to achieve success. To help you reach your goals, we’re committed to working just as hard as you do, providing industry-specific IT services for the logistics, retail, restaurants and hospitality industries. Our IT services ensure that your infrastructure operates at peak performance and doesn’t interrupt your busy day. We’re here for you along every step of the way and look forward to serving your business.

Don’t let your technology slow down your success.


With Our IT Services for Logistics, You Get:


Enhanced Security


Streamlined Operations


Boosted Efficiency


High-Functioning Tech


Iron-Clad Security


Remote Access to Data


Our IT Services for Logistics Include:

managed IT services

Managed IT Services

The success of your business is reliant on the capabilities of your technology. We take the complexity out of maintaining your infrastructure by taking technology tasks completely off of your hands.
infrastructure as a service

Networking Solutions

If you want your technology to work in harmony with your goals, you need to take care of your network. Leave these responsibilities to us and we’ll proactively monitor and maintain the heartbeat of your infrastructure.
managed security services

Managed Security Services

If you think cyberattacks are something that only happens to “other businesses,” you’re wrong. Cyberthreats are looming around every corner. Put us on the frontlines of your biggest security battles. 
cloud managed services

Cloud Managed Services

The future of communication and collaboration is here. Your potential for growth is waiting for you in the cloud. We have the expertise it takes to make your migration simple and seamless.

There’s Strength in Numbers

Ready to see what happens when you add a passionate team of IT disrupters to your business?