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It doesn’t matter whether you’re running a private doctor’s office, a hospital or a pop-up healthcare center to fight against COVID-19; your skills and services are essential to your community. That means your technology infrastructure must be able to keep up with your demands to store private patient records, communicate and collaborate with colleagues, access medical research, and more. You have enough critical work to do, why not leave your technology tasks to the experts at STEP CG?

We believe in the mission of healthcare workers, and our mission is to serve you with the IT solutions you need in the same way that you serve your patients. Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we know many hospitals have been overwhelmed, and mobile testing sites have had to pop-up overnight. To help ease this burden, we’ve been providing the healthcare industry with mobile and temporary solutions. With our networking solutions, managed IT services, security services and more, we support your technology so that your technology supports you.

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With Our IT Solutions for Healthcare, You Get:


HIPAA Compliance Support


Vendor Management


World-Class Security


State-of-the-Art Tech


Real-Time Reports


Access to Experts


Our IT Solutions for Healthcare Include:

managed IT services

Managed IT Services

The success of your business is reliant on the capabilities of your technology. We take the complexity out of maintaining your infrastructure by taking technology tasks completely off of your hands.
infrastructure as a service

Networking Solutions

If you want your technology to work in harmony with your goals, you need to take care of your network. Leave these responsibilities to us and we’ll proactively monitor and maintain the heartbeat of your infrastructure.
managed security services

Managed Security Services

If you think cyberattacks are something that only happens to “other businesses,” you’re wrong. Cyberthreats are looming around every corner. Put us on the frontlines of your biggest security battles. 
cloud managed services

Cloud Managed Services

The future of communication and collaboration is here. Your potential for growth is waiting for you in the cloud. We have the expertise it takes to make your migration simple and seamless.

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