Cloud Managed Services Simplified

Modern Solutions for Communication and Collaboration.


Cloud Managed Services Turn the World into Your Workplace

Has your staff been working remotely? The professional world is moving in that direction for many businesses. It can make for healthier work environments and cost you less in overhead and office space expenses. But the bumps in the road of migrating your team to remote work still persist. That’s why the STEP CG team is here with simple and seamless cloud managed services to smooth out your migration to the cloud.

Our cloud managed services are designed to keep your entire staff working together, no matter the location from which they are working. We provide you with multiple solutions that allow for secure and smarter work that fosters collaboration and a simplified user experience. From background tasks like security and disaster recovery and backup to optimized file sharing, STEP CG will blaze the trail for your cloud managed services needs.


With Our Cloud Managed Services, Your Business Gets:


Disaster Recovery and Backup Solutions


Security Patches


The Best in Collaboration Tools


A Simplified User Experience


Secure Data Storage


Modern Unified Communications


Our Cloud Managed Services Include:

Unified Communications

People will always talk. It’s just the way they communicate that changes. Make sure your clients, prospects and team say only the best about you because of the crystal-clear sound from your business VoIP phone service.

There’s Strength in Numbers

Ready to see what happens when you add a passionate team of IT disrupters to your business?