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There’s no denying that the wireless network has changed the way we work and where we get our work done. Employees no longer have to chain their productivity to a particular desk or part of your office, but if your wireless network isn’t performing at the highest capability, it’s likely your team will experience connection problems that lead to extended downtime, lowered productivity and employee frustration.

At STEP CG, your success is our success. We want you to have the best technology solutions that help you get more done faster so that you can achieve your big-picture goals. Our wireless network solutions ensure that your connection is never interrupted or down for extended periods of time. When you partner with STEP CG, we’ll evaluate your wireless network to expose any weaknesses. From there, we’ll deliver the custom wireless network solutions your business needs, and perform routine health checkups to make sure your team is always getting the best connectivity.


With Our Wireless Network Solutions, Your Business Gets:


More Freedom


Increased Efficiency


Cost Savings


Better Availability


Guest Access


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Connectivity is key to keeping a competitive advantage to your business. As you migrate applications to the cloud, you may realize that traditional WANs no longer make the cut. Allow us to introduce you to SD-WAN as a Service. 


Whether you’re working from home due to a global pandemic or you’re just working on the go, a remote-access VPN connection allows you to connect to a private network from anywhere, ensuring your data is secure.

Enterprise IoT 

The integration of the Internet of Things (IoT) in enterprises is critical to efficiency and advancement. The STEP CG experts can help you implement new applications to connect with devices and machines in your business.


Having the ability to connect mobile devices to your company network is a necessity in 2020. However, implementation, security and maintenance can be overwhelming. Find out how we make it all manageable for you.

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