Efficiency-Boosting Managed IT Services

Removing Technology Burdens From Your Plate


Managed IT Services for Today, Tomorrow and Long-Term Growth

You’re aware of the value that technology brings to your business and daily operations, but managing it on your own while wearing several other hats is a sleepless night – more realistically, nights – waiting to happen. If there were a way for you to focus all of your efforts on growing your business and offloading your IT responsibilities, would you do it?

STEP CG offers smart managed IT services that can help you overcome all of your technology woes and get you back to doing what you do best. Our team is all about doing what’s right and sharing in your success. That involves taking the time to learn the ins and outs of your business, working diligently to provide the level of support you need to achieve growth and taking the complexities out of technology maintenance. Discover what your business is capable of when you partner with STEP CG. We help you achieve more by making your technology work for you, not against you.


With Our Managed IT Services, Your Business Gets:


Access to Expert Support


Predictable Monthly Bills


Customized Support Packages


Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance


Minimized Downtime


Enhanced Efficiency


Take a Look at Our IT Services:

Network & Server Monitoring

Your network and server are the heartbeat of your IT infrastructure. If either of them goes down, so will your bottom line. Are you doing everything you should be to keep it secure and healthy? Leave it to STEP CG and we’ll eliminate problems before they occur.

Engineering & Consulting

Designing and installing your network might sound more complicated than it is if you don’t have the required technical expertise. Our technicians make your installation simple and can answer any questions you have about special IT projects.

Network as a Service

If you’re looking for greater flexibility and a boost in performance in your network infrastructure, look no further than our Network as a Service. We’ll deliver the benefits you’re looking for without the hassle of managing your network on your own.

Data & Analytics

You can’t measure the success of your business without data and analytics. Why would the performance and efficiency of your technology be any different?

There’s Strength in Numbers

Ready to see what happens when you add a passionate team of IT disrupters to your business?