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Any business owner would agree that their number one priority is to do what it takes for their organization to succeed and have a competitive edge. One of the best ways to do that is by harnessing the power that lies in implementing cutting-edge technology within your day-to-day operations. You know that your network is the heartbeat of your infrastructure and that if it’s built strong and maintained properly, your team will stay productive. But when you’re not sure where to start or how to make your network robust, lean on the STEP CG engineers for expert guidance.

Our IT consulting services give you the strategic advice and roadmap you need to build a network that will leave your competitors in the dust. We provide assistance with network design, installation, configuration and more. We’ll never lead you astray, and whenever you have a tech-related concern, you can rest easy knowing we’re just one phone call away.


With Our IT Consulting Services, Your Business Gets


Reduced IT Spending


Expert Knowledge


Customized Strategies


On-Demand Support


Boosted Efficiency


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Take a Look at Our IT Services:

Network & Server Monitoring

Your network and server are the heartbeat of your IT infrastructure. If either of them goes down, so will your bottom line. Are you doing everything you should be to keep it secure and healthy? Leave it to STEP CG and we’ll eliminate problems before they occur.

Network as a Service

If you’re looking for greater flexibility and a boost in performance in your network infrastructure, look no further than our Network as a Service. We’ll deliver the benefits you’re looking for without the hassle of managing your network on your own.

Data & Analytics

You can’t measure the success of your business without data and analytics. Why would the performance and efficiency of your technology be any different?

There’s Strength in Numbers

Ready to see what happens when you add a passionate team of IT disrupters to your business?