Network and Server Monitoring

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Invest in Your Infrastructure’s Success with Network and Server Monitoring

Your technology’s performance is critical to the success of your daily operations, so if you’ve experienced downtime because of underperforming tech in the past, you already know that it has a significant impact on your productivity and bottom line. You depend on your network to be up and running each morning as you start your workday. Settling for anything less is a disservice to your potential and all that you’ve already worked for. Fortunately, STEP CG offers the network and server monitoring you need for your team to knock out their to-do list and help you grow your business.

Our engineers are experts in all things technology, including your network, servers, routers, switches, firewalls and more. We’re your go-to partner for making the complex simple. We’ll assess your current network infrastructure and determine how it can be stronger so that it serves you best. From there, we provide proactive monitoring and maintenance to ensure your network and servers are operating at peak performance, so your workflow is never interrupted.


With Our Network and Server Monitoring, Your Business Gets:


Minimized Downtime


Simple Scalability


Increased Visibility


Routine Updates


Multi-Layered Security


Controlled Costs


Take a Look at Our IT Services:

Engineering & Consulting

Designing and installing your network might sound more complicated than it is if you don’t have the required technical expertise. Our technicians make your installation simple and can answer any questions you have about special IT projects.

Network as a Service

If you’re looking for greater flexibility and a boost in performance in your network infrastructure, look no further than our Network as a Service. We’ll deliver the benefits you’re looking for without the hassle of managing your network on your own.

Data & Analytics

You can’t measure the success of your business without data and analytics. Why would the performance and efficiency of your technology be any different?

There’s Strength in Numbers

Ready to see what happens when you add a passionate team of IT disrupters to your business?