Keep Threats Out with IT Physical Security

Literally and Figuratively


IT Physical Security for Your Peace of Mind

There’s a lot of buzz around cybersecurity in the business world today, and with how many cybercriminals are out there trying to get their hands on data that doesn’t belong to them, it’s understandable. But how much thought have you put into the security of your physical infrastructure? If your way of protecting your technology is by locking the front door on your way out at 5:00, it may be time to consider our IT physical security services.

At STEP CG, we recognize that ensuring the physical safety of your technology is just as big a deal as securing your business on the internet. That’s why we offer IT physical security services that include video surveillance, access control and more. We’ll help you prevent any unauthorized access to your physical infrastructure, and make sure you have easy ways to monitor the activity around your technology.


With Our IT Physical Security, Your Business Gets:


Access Control


Minimized Threats


Lower Overhead Costs


Faster Response Times


A Fail-Safe Plan


Support from Our Team


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Network & Cloud Security

Whether it’s your network or the data you store in the cloud, you don’t want cybercriminals to get their hands on any of your critical assets. Our network and cloud security services ensure there’s no easy way in for them.

Business Continuity

Whether it’s a disaster of the same caliber of the COVID-19 pandemic, a data breach or simple human error, do you have a plan in place for your business to continue operations? We’ll work with you to create a business continuity plan so that you can outlast any storm.

There’s Strength in Numbers

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